Vocational educational and training center Viktoria-PM
Who are we? Why choose us?

VETC “Viktoria - PM” has been registered for conducting vocational training since 1994 in The Employment Agency city Sofia with Certificate № 56.

It has been licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Training since 2003 for implementation of vocational training with License № 200312104 since 03.12.2003.

From the beginning of 2004 till now we have envisaged more than 480 courses for training in different specialties and degrees of vocational qualification. We have trained more than 3500 students, unemployed and employed. We have conducted 150 trainings according to orders of employers in 30 kinds of specialties from the directions:
✔ Construction and architecture;
✔ Restaurant management;
✔ Economy;
✔ Personal services;
✔ Planting;
✔ Others;
✔ Hotel management;

What we offer
Vocational educational and training center Viktoria-PM

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