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Vocational Educational and Training Center "VIKTORIA-PM"city Varna

1. Information for us
VETC “Viktoria - PM” has been registered for conducting vocational training since 1994 in The Employment Agency city Sofia with Certificate № 56.
It has been licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Training since 2003 for implementation of vocational training with License № 200312104 since 03.12.2003.
From the beginning of 2004 till now we have envisaged more than 480 courses for training in different specialties and degrees of vocational qualification. We have trained more than 3500 students, unemployed and employed. We have conducted 150 trainings according to orders of employers in 30 kinds of specialties from the directions: construction and architecture, economy, planting, hotel management, restaurant management, personal services, and others.
– by order of employer – training of unemployed persons for work occupation in a company
– conducting examination for persons, entitled to acquire a document for qualification
– training of persons, entitled for re-qualification or enhancement of their qualification
– modular training for Supervisors for the Law of safety labour conditions in construction
– modular training for Supervisors for the Law of safety labour conditions in hotel-management
– modular training for supervisor of quality in implementation of building –repair works
– modular training in AUTO CAD
– trainings in part of the profession
– trainings for acquiring of first qualification degree
– trainings for acquiring of second qualification degree
– trainings for acquiring of third degree for professional qualification
– correspondence trainings
– individual form of training
– regular training /in group/
– evening lessons

2. Description of the available equipment
Our head office and training hall are situated in city Varna, residential complex Chaika block 128, office №1. The training hall is equipped with 12 training places for students, 12 personal computers “Fujicu siemens” for training informatics and informational technologies, we have bought a licensed software for training in AUTO CAD, we have got available our own equipment for training in construction professions – studies for theoretical and practical lessons in all specialties of direction construction and architecture – the equipment is available in city Varna, West industrial zone. We have signed contracts with companies and branch organizations for conducting practical training and ensuring work experience for graduated students in different professional directions. We can ensure licensed equipment for training on the territory of the entire country. Optionally the trainings may be conducted at the working place of the students if this is the employer’s wish. The documents, certifying the completion of the training, are Specimens, approved by the Ministry of education.

3. Cooperation
In August 2006 VTC “Victoria – Petranka Mitreva” signed a contract with the Regional Craftsmen's Chamber in city Varna for joint activity. After completing the training in craftsmen’s professions, the students of VETC Viktoria-PM are entitled to pass an examination in the Regional Craftsmen’s Chamber and to acquire apprentice, journeyman or master degree. Thanks to this cooperation we have the opportunity to present our students in construction specialties for acquiring master degree in the profession practiced by them.

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