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Квалификационни изпити 17.06.2020 г.
Квалификационни изпити

Квалификационни изпити 11.06.2020 г.
Квалификационни изпити

Квалификационни изпити 11.06.2020 г.
Квалификационни изпити

Квалификационни изпити 11.05.2020г.
ИНФОРМАЦИЯ ЗА ПРЕДСТОЯЩИ КВАЛИФИКАЦИОННИ ИЗПИТИ На 26.05.2020г. в гр.Балчик, ще се проведът квалификационни изпити за придобиване на степен по професии: 1.Помощник пътен строител код:582090, специалност : Пътища, магистрали и съоръжения код:5820901, начало на изпита 08:30ч., място за провеждане на изпита - учебна зала, намираща се сграда "Мелницата", площад "Рибарски" 2.Работник в озеленяването код: 622030, специалност:Озеленяване и цветарство код:6220301, начало на изпита 12:00ч., място за провеждане на изпита - учебна зала, намираща се сграда "Мелницата", площад "Рибарски" На 28.06.2020г. в гр.Варна ще се проведе квалификационен изпити за придобиване на степен за професия Строителен техник код:582010, специалност: Строителство и архитектура код:5820101, начало на изпита 13:00ч., място за провеждане на изпита - учебна зала на ЦПО, адрес:бул.Христо Ботев 10,ет.5

Курсове за машинист на Автокран до 16 тона, Автокран с неограничена товароподемност, Кулокран 07.09.2017

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VETC Viktoria-PM offers trainings on the specialties and professions, described in its license. The training types are as follows:
– Trainings on a part of the profession for obtaining first qualification degree – issues Certificate Type 3-37 for training on part of the profession, introductory level completed fourth grade.
– Trainings for acquiring a profession – issues Certificate for Professional Qualification Type 3-54, introductory level seventh grade.
– Trainings for acquiring qualification /welders, crane operators, motor car operators, fasteners, lifting equipment operators /-introductory level for a part of the profession fourth grade, the trainees receive a Certificate of Qualification
– Module trainings like: Safety and Health Coordinators /in the construction and tourism sectors/, Construction and Mounting Works Quality Controller, AUTO CAD, etc.
– Trainings for ІІІ degree professional qualification in the following professions: Construction technician, Road-building technician, Hotelier, Restaurant manager, Tourist Agency Organizer, Animator, Economist-IT, etc. on the introductory level. The trainees receive a Certificate of Qualification ofIII Degree,type3-54
– Forms of training:
Full time – 5 days a week between 6 and 8 lectures per day
Individual form – the student prepares using reading materials provided by the center and takes examinations covering each of the training schedule modules, finally the student must take exams covering theory and practice in the profession.
– Evening form – for employed people, the courses take place after work
– Upon an order placed by the employer – the training takes place in convenient times, as the employer and students are entitled to determine the place of training /in the training center or in the respective company in case the latter is able to provide the equipment needed for quality course execution/.
– Examinations for people, who have the needed work experience in a specific profession /a minimum of 8 months/, who can sit for examinations before a committee of trainers and take theory and practice exams in order to acquire 1st or 2nd qualification degree certificate depending on their original level of experience.
– Qualification improvement – people who have first degree professional qualification and would like to acquire second or third degree qualification certificate in their profession.
Practical trainings in companies - VETC Viktoria-PM is partnering with companies from various economic fields and has the option of sending students to train or intern in those companies, operating in the profession, they are trained for.

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