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Курсове за машинист на Автокран до 16 тона, Автокран с неограничена товароподемност, Кулокран 07.09.2017

Е-кономиката, глупако! Или кои пет професии ще бъдат търсени през идните пет години 25.01.2016
Кои пет професии ще бъдат търсени през идните пет години?

- Обучението на представителите в комитетите и групите по условия на труд в предприятията

- Контрол на съответствието на влаганите в строежите строителни продукти със съществените изисквания за безопасност

опазване компонентите на околната среда

Контрол по качеството на изпълнение на СМР

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Programme "Phare"

Name of the project: “Ensuring employment via qualification courses in the dress-making industry”.
Term for implementation: 01.01.2006 - 31.12.2006
Leading organization: VETC Viktoria-PM

"Project BG 2003/004-937.11.01 Alternative employment Programme Phare" – for this project we received grant in amount of 46 300 EURO. The purpose of the project is training 40 unemployed citizens from the municipalities of Varna, Provadiya and Dolni Chiflik in the professions “Qualified tailors” and “Designer-technologist”. The project started in the beginning of April 2006. Our obligations were as follows: organizing the training of three groups in the profession “Qualified tailor” with a duration of 3 months in the City of Varna, Priseltsi and Provadia, including a total of 28 unemployed women, the education started in June and concluded on August 30th. One group in the profession “Designer-technologist” – duration of the training – 4 months, this group was mixed and included students from the three Unemployment Bureaus; the course started on August, 1, 2006 and took place in Varna. Besides organizing courses, we had to organize and hold small auction procedures for purchasing materials and office equipment, paying scholarships to the students and paying for their travelling expenses, organizing transportation for some of the students from the places they lived to the place where the training was held, preparing monthly reports on the project, organizing press conferences in order to communicate the project activities. We organized and selected the students included in the training.

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Programme "Phare"