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Курсове за машинист на Автокран до 16 тона, Автокран с неограничена товароподемност, Кулокран 07.09.2017

Е-кономиката, глупако! Или кои пет професии ще бъдат търсени през идните пет години 25.01.2016
Кои пет професии ще бъдат търсени през идните пет години?

- Обучението на представителите в комитетите и групите по условия на труд в предприятията

- Контрол на съответствието на влаганите в строежите строителни продукти със съществените изисквания за безопасност

опазване компонентите на околната среда

Контрол по качеството на изпълнение на СМР

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Project "Beautiful Bulgaria"

National projects - "Beautiful Bulgaria"

According to the National Programme “From social assistance to employment ensuring” we have organized and conducted 35 courses on the territory of the districts Varna, Shumen and Dobrich for the period from 12.2003 till 04.2008 in the professions in the area of construction, agriculture, forestry and planting. Thanks to our good experience and created collaboration between our training centre and the local labour bureaus, municipal administrations, schools and employers from the regions, we managed to organize training courses and to re-qualify more than 650 socially vulnerable citizens and residents of smaller municipalities and villages.

Project "Beautiful Bulgaria" - Since 1998 we have participated in the announced competitions for training of the project “Beautiful Bulgaria”. Since then we have conducted more than 60 courses of the territories of the districts Varna, Shumen, Dobrich and Ruse. We have taught more than 800 unemployed citizens in different professions in the sphere of construction, hotel management, restaurant management, planting, and others. More than 50% of them after finalization of the project continued to work in the profession they had been taught, others decided to improve their qualification being contented with the good training, they have received originally.

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Project "Beautiful Bulgaria"